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Kestrel Supplies

31 - Mar - 2015

The Home of the Wheel Buddy...



How can I pay for my Wheel Buddy?

You can pay for your goods via a cheque or contact us for other arrangements.

Pay via cheque/postal order and make it payable to Kestrel Supplies and send your cheque with the order form. Please click on the order form link depending on which format you require to download.

Alternativley, you can contact us for other payment alternatives.

What information do you need so I get a perfect fit for the Wheel Buddy?

To obtain a pair of Wheel Buddys , all we need from you is a vernier measurement of your trailer wheel hub.

How much is postage and packing?

Postage and Packing is FREE within the UK for our Wheel Buddies. Please contact us for the rates for propshafts.

How long will delivery take?

Delivery is normally a maxmium of 3 days upon receipt of payment.

Do you deliver Internationally?

YES, we do ship to other countries. Postage and packing is dependant on the destination address.

What is the life of my new wheel buddy?

The Wheel Buddy has been tested for 1year. However, customers have commented that they have lasted longer.

How do I install a Wheel Buddy ?

All components must be in first class condition for the Wheel Buddy to work correctly.

  1. Remove existing dust grease cap from wheel hub.
  2. Remove split pin (if fitted), remove nut, remove outer bearing, remove wheel hub from stub axle.
  3. Clean all components thoroughly. Check for any damage to stub axle, wheel bearing and oil seal.
  4. Replace any damaged components.
  5. Assemble components all lightly greased in reverse order.
  6. Fit Wheel Buddy . Hold Wheel Buddy against wheel hub, hold a block of wood or plastic against the outer face of the Wheel Buddy and tap home using light blows with a hammer.
  7. Use a high quality grease (No 2) multipurpose. Fill void completely, using grease gun in offset grease nipple.


How do I remove a Wheel Buddy ?

Removing a Wheel Buddy is simple.

  1. Hold a block of wood or plastic against the side of a Wheel Buddy .
  2. Using a hammer tap the block of wood. DO NOT USE EXCESSIVE FORCE.
  3. Position block of wood/plastic against opposite side of Wheel Buddy and repeat operation 2.
  4. Continue 'walking' Wheel Buddy out of wheel hub.

What different colours do you supply the Wheel buddy in?

Red is supplied as standard. However, we also manufacture the Wheel Buddies in Green, Black, Self Colour (Silver) and Blue.

Will it fit my trailer?

Yes, because we take the measurements of your trailer hub. Our Wheel Buddy is designed for braked and braked-free trailers.

How do I contact you?

You can contact us by either Telephone, email or using our form on our contact page.

Where are you located?

We are located at Unit 4, The Courtyard, Southwell Business Park, Portland, Dorset. Please click on the map for directions.

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