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Kestrel Supplies

31 - Mar - 2015

The Home of the Wheel Buddy...


Wheel Savers in Weymouth

Are you a sailor with a trailer? Do you lose your bearings easily?

If you do then you need a wheel buddy* fitted to your trailer wheel hubs. Based in Weymouth, Dorset, UK

Wheel hubs require inspection and maintenance. Neglect here can be disastrous and costly. This is because of the wheel's high spin ratio, so wheel bearings need lubrication. Without adequate grease, bearings will wear out, seize and cause the wheel to lock. In severe cases the entire wheel can fall off the trailer.

This is even more essential if you are a boat or a jet ski owner, because your trailer probably goes in the water and is on the beach for long periods of time during the sailing season. Also, during the off peak season your trailer will probably sit in storage - allowing the moisture to penetrate your bearings leading to decay.

Replacing your wheel bearings on your trailer is costly - a small fortune if you have to do it several times a year. You can solve this by simply installing our 'Wheel Buddy' over your wheel hub and it will protect your bearings from water and sand during those long hours of exposure.

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